New Generation Africa primary business aim is Investment in People, Education, Empowerment, Coaching & Consultancy, Branding, New Media Creation, Entertainment Industry in Africa and Publishing.

This includes online newspaper and entertainment glossy magazines publication, organising international Media and trade exhibitions, events promotion, publication of market research materials on Africa’s economic trend and related global events, providing information on emerging markets and investment opportunities etc. 

We create on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback and promote creative participation. Through our network and partnership we constantly generate real-time new and unregulated content by reporting events as they unfold around Africa in particular.

Empowering Africa’s New Generation is at the heart of what we do and to achieve this objective we will continue to provide leadership in positively involving Africa’s New Generation in Political process and bring about fundamental changes in youth involvement in African politics, which will hopefully help to shape the future of Africa.  

Sustained investment in Training and Consultancy, Networking events, Leadership, Coaching and Empowerment programmes aimed at promoting Good Practise and entrepreneurship among Africa’s New Generation.

New Generation Africa as an online News and Media company is part of New Generation Business UK, the parent company based in Bromley Kent, United Kingdom. Our business is a general commercial online business, we specialise in online News, Media and Print Technology distribution, Training, Consultancy, Branding, Corporate image building, Lifestyle Concierge.

E-commerce aspects include online shop for consumer goods including Costume jewelry, high end fashions and accessories, mobile technology, and telecommunication equipment etc.

Promoting and Providing Green Energy Solution; Solar Energy technology and general Oil & Gas business in the UK and Africa.

Our Group business addresses are available online:
Ø  www.newgenerationbusinesses.com

This business plan is part of our regular business planning process. We continuously review the business plan and/or revise the plan every year in line with the company’s target.

1.1.     OBJECTIVES 

The primary goal was to put resources, skills and expertise together to provide quality services and products both in the U.K, Africa and globally.  Secondly, to explore investment/business opportunities in the international markets (emerging economies in Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.) for financial gains.
As we grow, we intend to develop our management team to help us achieve our short-term and long-term Business objectives and the company’s strategic goals.
Ø  Gradual increase in gross margin higher than 75%

Ø  Net income or profit of over 25% of sales through 2014 and 2015.

1.2     MISSION: 

New Generation Business UK Ltd mission is, to provide high quality Products and Services, tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients or customers.
Manage and maintain a very interactive e-commerce web-site and/or on-line News and Media technology outfit.
New Generation Business UK Ltd products and services are designed to be unique through the type of products & services we offer, the quality, the environment or ambient and an excellent customer service that is second to none.
Secondly we provide other services including on-line shopping experience, gateway for investment in emerging markets in Africa, cutting edge for growing businesses in Africa, green technology solutions, solar energy technology, recruitment, e-business solutions and related services.
Finally we aim to become market leaders, in the provision and distribution of mobile technology & accessories, telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics products in Africa within 10 years of incorporation through strategic business partnership and alliances.

1.3     THE FUTURE:  

In the future; New Generation Business UK Ltd intends to:

Ø  Life style Concierge, property management and holiday packages/luxury homes within Europe and Africa.

Ø  Supply consumer goods, consumer electronic products, mobile telephones and related wireless communication equipment/gadgets in Africa and Europe.

Ø  Provide consultancy services for small businesses, IT solutions, E-commerce capabilities, market analysis report etc. especially for our clients in Africa through strategic partnerships. 

Ø  Investment in media & entertainment industry in Africa, desktop publishing, this includes news and entertainment magazines, organising trade exhibitions, events promotion, publication of market research materials on Africa’s economic trend and related global events, providing information on emerging markets and investment opportunities etc.  

 New Generation Business UK Ltd also aims to provide leadership in development of the mobile and wireless communications market sector in Africa.


A.   Ability to deliver consistent, quality, high standard and reliable products & services.

B.   Sustained investment in technology to help meet the demands of our customers and maintaining excellent relationship with our existing/future customers or other business partners.

C.   Broaden and develop visibility to generate new business leads and investment opportunities, leveraging from single pool of expertise to multiple revenue generation opportunities.

D.   Champion the development or advancement of business information technology process & networking capabilities by providing E-Commerce capabilities and E-business solutions for small and corporate businesses in Africa.

E.    And investing in the consumer electronics, mobile phones and wireless communications market sector in Africa through strategic partnerships.

F.    Investment in Green energy, Solar Power and renewable energy sector in the African market.

New Generation Business UK Ltd T Investment Limited is built on dedication, focus, tenacity, competitiveness, innovation, enthusiasm and pride.

We intend to maintain cost-effective and precision delivery process for our products & services through the application of technology.  Hence New Generation Business UK Ltd always aims to be the best in whatever we do.   Hence the Company Slogan “only the best is good enough”.


New Generation Business UK Ltd is a general commercial company based in the United Kingdom, specialising in provision of high quality Products and Services. This includes Retail and wholesale business ventures, general recruitment services and providing online E-business solutions. 
It started up initially as an on-line business and the founders were principally Mr. Kingsley Eze & Catherine Amadife.  All the Directors, graduated from different Universities in London and internationally outside the UK with varying experience in IT, Business Information Management, Networking and International Marketing. 

New Generation Business UK Ltd prides itself in:

1.   Providing a rewarding work environment where everybody is valued; respected and treated as part of one big family that is ‘New Generation Business UK Ltd’. 

2.   Encouraging innovation, offering fair remuneration and equal employment opportunities, good returns on investment for our stakeholders and maintaining healthy financial balance. 

3.   Providing quality, reliable, efficient, cost effective Products & Services and excellent customer services. 

Setting high standards in our business practice and developing customer focused products & services.  Our general commercial activities include;   
Ø  Managing and maintaining a very interactive e-commerce web-site and/or on-line business.

Ø  Providing professional, reliable and unbiased news and media coverage of events across Africa in particular and globally in general.

Ø  Organise Learning environment and Training courses for public and private sector business clients in Africa in particular including Coaching/Leadership and Consultancy programmes and/or services

Ø  Investment in Green Technology, Renewable energy and Solar Power generation market sector in Africa.   

Ø  Providing Lifestyle Concierge and related bespoke services including property management services for our African and European clients.

Ø  Importation and distribution of mobile technology and other related telecommunication equipment & consumer electronic products in our target markets.

Ø  Maintaining high quality product range and development of new products/services for our target markets in Europe and Africa

Ø  Providing our UK and European clients with development & investment opportunities in African markets.

Ø  Providing our African clients with investment and sales outlet for UK and European markets.

The company from time to time will deploy new technology, take on new staff or form new strategic alliances to help meet the demands of our customers and sustain increases in our market shares. 
Finally, the company also seeks additional leverage by taking brokerage and representation positions on behalf of our clients and to create percentage holdings from our investments and/or ownership in the product results.


New Generation Business UK Ltd is a Limited Company based in Kent, England, UK with operating offices in Africa and strategic partnership around the globe.

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