Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nigerian air force Alpha Jet with tail number 466 has gone missing from the radar

Nigerian defense sources said the jet disappeared from the radar around Adamawa state after it went for routine operations on Friday against Islamist militants Boko Haram, who had been on the rampage in the northeastern parts of Nigeria. The jet is the only known functioning jet engaged in operations against the militants.
The Nigerian defense also said it is also looking for two fighter pilots that were operating the jet when it disappeared from the radar. It is not known if militants shot down the jet.
In another development,  Boko Haram gunmen attacked a Nigerian military base and adjacent police barracks simultaneously in a town in the northeastern Yobe State, killing at no fewer than 31 security personnel, security sources and a witness said.
The attack late on Monday in Buni Yadi occurred not far from where the Islamist insurgents shot or burned to death 59 pupils at a boarding school in February.
A witness and resident of Buni Yadi, who identified himself only as Mustafa for fear of retribution, said the militants arrived in an armoured personnel carrier and six Hilux trucks before dismounting and firing into the air. They fired rocket propelled grenades at both bases.
A senior security source in Yobe state said 17 soldiers were confirmed killed and 14 police officers, including a female police officer, also died.
The spokesman for defence headquarters was not immediately available for comment, but a military source at the headquarters of the northeast operation in Maiduguri confirmed the attack. Yobe police spokesman Nansak Chegwam said he knew of it but that the details were sketchy.
In what has become rare for a movement that has often killed civilians, Boko Harm called out to people on the street not to run away as they had only come for the security forces, according to Mustafa and the Yobe police source said.
The insurgents also burned down the police barracks, the army base, the high court and the residence of the district head Abba Hassan.

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