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Mandela death: As Scores of world leaders head to S Africa, The World should not forget his Foundations

Some 60 heads of state or government have announced they will take part in the memorial service or state funeral of Nelson Mandela, South Africa says.
US President Barack Obama, Francois Hollande of France and UK PM David Cameron will be among those attending Tuesday's memorial at a Soweto stadium. Most if not all the current sitting African Presidents and former Presidents will also be in attendance.
South Africa's first black president died on Thursday and the nation has held a day of prayer and reflection and many countries also declared day's' of mourning in honour of the great man Madiba.
Mourners in their millions visited places of worship and community halls.
At Soweto's Regina Mundi Catholic Church, a centre of the anti-apartheid struggle, the priest Sebastian Roussouw said the late leader had been "a light in the darkness".
"Madiba did not doubt the light. He paved the way for a better future, but he cannot do it alone," he said, referring to Mr Mandela by his clan name.

As the World reflects on the loss of a giant of our time New Generation Africa wants to reflect on a number of charities very close to Mandela's heart and hope the World will not forget now he is gone.  

We are all responsible for keeping his legacy going by supporting his foundations:


When Mr Nelson Mandela announced his withdrawal from public life at an international media conference in Johannesburg on 1 June 2004, he explained that his humanitarian work would henceforth be passed on to the three designated organisations he had established to promote specific aspects of his legacy.
The three organisations are the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation.
The organisations are independent of one another but co-operate closely, and they abide by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by their respective Chief Executives in Mr Mandela’s presence in 2006. All three organisations are registered charities.
Nelson Mandela Children's Fund strives to change the way society treats its children and youth. Its flagship project as Nelson R. Mandela's lasting wish is to build a dedicated children's hospital for the children of Southern Africa. To know more about this, please go
The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, established by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is tasked with giving practical expression to the memory and dialogue aspects of Mr Mandela’s legacy. The Centre of Memory provides an integrated public information resource on the life and times of Nelson Mandela and convenes dialogue around critical social issues.
The Mandela Rhodes Foundation was established as a partnership between Mr Mandela and the Rhodes Trust, administrators of the Rhodes Scholarships, and it identifies and nurtures future generations of excellent, ethical leaders in Africa. The Mandela Rhodes Scholarships constitute its flagship programme, and more than 200 Scholars have been elected from across the African continent.
In his 2004 retirement speech Mr Mandela said:
“My diary and my public activities will, as from today, be severely and significantly reduced … This does not mean, however, that the work we have been involved in, supported and promoted, comes to an end. It has been our practice to establish organisations to do certain work and then to leave it to those organisations to get on with the job.
“The leaders of the organisations are present here today as proof and assurance that our work will continue, perhaps in an even more focussed way now that the attention shifts from the individual to the organisations.
“We are now able to concentrate very clearly on the work of these three independent but interlinked legacy organisations. I am very satisfied to tell you they are in full alignment with one another, each charged with giving expression to a specific aspect of human development. The work of the three foundations is distinct but complementary and supportive of one another.
“I hope that you all will be as excited as I am about what will be achieved by these three highly functional and well organised bodies working in our name. I hope you will also get a clear picture of how much care and thought has gone into aligning these structures and preparing them for playing a major role in South Africa and Africa for many years to come.”
Mr Mandela appealed for support for the organisations, making it clear that he wished them to operate in perpetuity, and he charged his Trustees and staff with ensuring that the institutions were financially sustainable via adequate endowments. Those who wished to support his work, he said, could choose among the organisations according to the donors’ own areas of interest.

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