Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Anarchy spreads in the UK.

David Cameron has said the right things, but he needs to back the police to the hilt.
David Cameron at No 10 after cutting short his holiday - Riots: a Tory prime minister must always deliver peace and order

Prime ministers’ reputations can fall as fast as stock markets. But, also like stock markets, they can stage a rally. That is what happened yesterday when David Cameron cut short his holiday, attended the Cobra meeting, got Parliament recalled and spoke in Downing Street.
As is usual with Mr Cameron, he turned in a good performance and said the right things well. He praised the courage of the police, but said they needed to be more robust and better supported. He identified with shopkeepers and members of the public living in fear. He made no excuses for criminals and threatened them with “the full force of the law”. He was less tentative, and therefore more effective, than the Home Secretary, Theresa May, whose sense of fear is contagious.
But as is also, I fear, too common with Mr Cameron, he has proved better at reacting well to a tricky situation than at foreseeing it. So, if he is not careful, his rally could be what the markets call a dead-cat bounce. The overwhelming impression that has emerged from these three and more days of mayhem is that the authorities were not ready.
I do not mean only that not enough police were on hand, or that the Met lacks a Commissioner just now, or that all the three main politicians responsible were away on holiday, or that the “This Week” feature on the Mayor of London’s website led, until yesterday afternoon, with “100 great things to say about the Games”, followed by “Back London’s Bees”, and carried nothing about the greatest criminal orgy in the city for 30 years. I mean that the authorities have not thought nearly hard enough about how, in modern conditions, to perform the first duty of the civil power, which is to protect the security of its citizens.
Although there have certainly been things wrong with police handling of these troubles, to concentrate on these would be to attack symptoms, not causes. The prior question is: “What do we really expect the police to do for us?” Earlier this year, there were events to mark the 30th anniversary of what is rightly called the “Brixton Uprising” in 1981.
It is clear to see the extent of violence and damage, just share criminality in cities and towns in the UK in the past few days.  Although there is no reason or justification for the reckless distruction of properties and indiscriminate looting going on, it is however imperative that this government don't brush the disorder aside as share opportunistic criminal activities. 
It may look like wanton violence but it is clear that people, not just young people or 'opportunistic criminals' (as they are being tagged), are very angry and frustrated.
This may sound unusual or petronising but the actions of the POLICE in managing the anarchy needs to be commended and the call for tanks, rubber bullets, water cannon are all pre-mature and as strange as it may sound considering that the initial riot was as a result of Met Police actions, we need to support and applaud the way they are managing the crisis so far. The law must come down hard on the core criminal gangs using this as a cover to fuel public disorder while actively engaging in robbery and systematic damage to properties. 
As a nation we must not focus on the criminal elements and dismiss recent activities as just criminal thugs and/or allow the press to run away with the coverage in their usual dramatic and high impact manner. 
The Government must look at the impact of some of the policies they are implementing and the share hardship and difficulties their actions are placing on families and the average hard working citizens in the UK.

Yes things are difficult, yes it is no excuse for violence, yes peoples businesses and livelyhoods have been destroyed, yes the level of violence is unprecedented, yes the government and the police wants to sound tough, in control and send strong messages, yes emotions are runing high but the truth is that 'there is no smoke without fire'. And instead of the threatening and angry response from the government and the police, we need to open an honest big conversation, do the soul searching and learn from this unusual events taking place across the country. 
Something fundamental is going wrong in our society, the system is fundamentally flawed and until the government, the politicians and all the multi-million pounds organisations like British gas, Shell, the banks etc starts 'keeping it real' with the ordinary people and understand that millions in this Country don't see no future and life these days for them is more than just graffting, people are really suffering and families are under serious financial pressures, events like this will soon become common-place because people are frustrated and angry.
This year alone, the VAT is gone up, taxes are gone up, Petrol price is gone up, Gas and electricity price is gone up, transportation cost is gone up, Food prices are gone up, School fees are gone up over 500% and on the other hand wages are gone down, unemplyment is at a historic high, services and support are being cut at break-neck speed.  What do you expect when the bankers are still earning their bonuses worth millions of pounds and the politicians all jetting off on luxury holidays while for the average families an already difficult situation is turning into hoplessness.
This is the only Country in the world that it pays to be on benefit and a cardinal sin to go to work and try and earn a decent living. 
Dependency on benefit has been going on for generations and when you are on benefit you get all the support and assistance available for doing nothing but when you work you are qualified for nothing, you pay high taxes, get nothing in return, no support, no benefit and if anything you get punished. This is the fundamental problem with this system and this cancer eating into the fabric of the society must be tackled and the dependency on benefit mentality must be changed. 
Hope must be brought back, the cuts must be managed and all this stupid opinions from TV pundits must stop, they are rich and do not know what it is like living in a 'GHETTO'. 
We need to wake up, provide education and hope for our new generations and stop putting them behind bars, poverty is destroying our great nation while the rich is getting richer, where is the fairness and where is the great democracy? Time to think, time for change and time for honest big open discussion.

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