Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Zimbabwe: Hundreds of MDC Members Displaced in Harare

Hundreds of MDC members were on Tuesday seeking refuge at the party's Harvest House headquarters, after fleeing ZANU PF attacks in Mbare and Epworth.
SW Radio Africa correspondent Simon Muchemwa reported that the MDC members, including scores of women and young children, had been seeking refuge at a church in Glen Norah.
But police officials rounded the group up on Monday evening, only releasing the women and children. The MDC was still trying to find out the whereabouts of the arrested men on Tuesday, although police officials have denied making any arrests.
The MDC members had fled to the church in Glen Norah after a mob of ZANU PF youths ran riot in Mbare and other areas last week, looting homes and intimidating MDC supporters. Mbare has been the target of ZANU PF violence in recent weeks, with youth militia groups launching unprovoked attacks on MDC supporters. The police meanwhile have continued their partisan display of force, only arresting MDC members and ignoring the ZANU PF perpetrators of the violence.
SW Radio Africa's Muchemwa also reported that a group of ZANU PF youths, who were arrested following looting in Harare on Monday, have now been branded as MDC members. The ZANU PF youths ran riot through the city yesterday, looting business mainly belonging to foreigners, and attacking newspaper vendors. Police were seen standing by, allowing the chaos to engulf the city, before finally arresting some of the youths.
Muchemwa reported that ZANU PF has now distanced itself from the youths, reporting to the state broadcaster that they are MDC members, who had "sabotaged" a ZANU PF demonstration.
"Witnesses to what happened know these are ZANU PF guys. But the ZBC is now awash with stories about how this was caused by the MDC," Muchemwa said.  To read more visit:!/Newgenafrica



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