Monday, 24 January 2011

President Gbagbo What Next?

Monday, 24 January 2011
PRESIDENT Gbagbo took over at death of his elsewhile boss the late Dr. Felix Houphoet - Boigny, the nationalist who led the country to independence and ruled the nation for over thirty years. For about six years, he had been the de factor maximum ruler of Ivory Coast. As it were, he inherited the mantle and the nation at the same time!
But the times are different Dr. Felix Houphoet - Boigny had the figure and the veneration of the man who fought for the independence and the awesomeness of the father figure for the nation. He was rally a point, who while many elite might not agree with his sit–tight policy, they hardly could do anything to uproot him, as he had the grace of faithful followership at the grassroot. So, he lived in favour and died with his honours intact.
That time was the era of sit - tight leadership in West Africa sub-region and Africa as a whole. William Tubman was in Liberia, Siaka Steven was in Sierra Leone, Yesingbe Eyadema was in Togo, Mobuto Sese Seko was in the Congo Republic and Dr Banda was in Gabon among others. President Gbagbo's rise to power was clearly a case of the choice of first among equals. So he has a lot of colleagues and former colleagues who may want to get to the seat and who probably may be better in grassroot supports, abilities and technical know-how.
There again, Africa as all other continents of the world, is moving on the path of democracy. For Gbagbo to stay on in power, he has to satisfy the basic rules of multi-party democracy and as stipulated by the Ivorian Constitution and Electoral laws. UNIQUELY AFRICA, UNIQUELY YOU!

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