Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The weather, the travel and Xmas

If according to the weather forecast, we are not expecting any snow fall around the South-east of England during the day, Why are we still having severe delays and closed run-ways in Heathrow especially.
If Gatwick Airport which is relatively inexprienced under the new management can cope why can't BAA and/or Heathrow with all their resources manage or offer their customers a better service.
  • Is it a management issue or are they too big to care?
  • Should the management be held accountable?
  • Despite the adverse weather warning, were they prepared or is it a case of being reluctant to put in the investment required?
  • Is it time for the Government to intervain and help the travelling public?
  • Should the Transport Secretary do the honourable thing and follow Scotland's example and resign for getting the strategy all wrong again?

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